I’m slowly discovering who I am and what I want to do with my life.  Let me first say I’ve never been a big fan of the notion that we can or should decide at an early age “what we want to be when we grow up.”  Perhaps I never liked the idea because I didn’t have a damn clue what I wanted to be (and I always envied those kids who did).  Perhaps I never liked the idea because I always thought it devalued the present moment (by elevating the future as the purpose {and often at the expense} of the here and now).  Or perhaps I never liked the idea because of the embedded assumption that not only must we “be” something when we grow up, but we must label and define ourselves through this work that we do, that is, through our 9 to 5 jobs.  (Don’t get me wrong, if the idea of this exercise is to get kids to dream big, to think for themselves, and to allow their creative minds to flow, then great, I’m all for it – but we all know that’s not the case.)  So now that college is over for me, and I’m “all grown up,” it’s time for me to “be” somebody.  Who will that be?  Or more practically and less existentially, what line of work shall I pursue?

I have a fiery yet uncultivated passion for things that grow – more specifically, the food we eat, the land base from which it comes from, and the human and nonhuman community that owes its existence to both.  This passion, as with any passion, can manifest itself in many ways.  For me, it has led to an apprenticeship on a small organic farm and CSA just outside of downtown Boise, nestled in the foothills not 200 yards from the Boise River.  It has turned into a job and I will returning for the 2011 season.

This blog will be nothing more than the quaint, random, and sure to be rambling thoughts of a man mad with love for his family, his friends, his community, and this good Earth.

My lack of sanity is only outmatched by the insanity exhibited daily by the love of my life as she unceasingly and unconditionally loves me.  And she accepts – without reservation – my rather unconventional pursuits and outlooks.  She has supported me in every way a man needs to be supported and I couldn’t be more lucky to have such a strong, encouraging woman to travel on this journey with.

This past August we added new a member to our family – a little girl – fiercely loved.  Her name is Danika, a name of Slavic origin meaning ‘Morning Star’.

“Let the beauty of what we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi