The following is an excerpt from my Morning Owl Farm Apprenticeship Application.

5. Describe an experience that changed your life

Buying a 1969 VW Bus on eBay.  The bus was in Vancouver, Canada, so after winning the auction, I hitched a ride with Kolbie’s brother who lived in Seattle, and I made the day-trip up I5, then drove the bus back to Boise.  I learned two things from this experience: 1) When you really truly want something and you pursue it with your whole being and don’t let up, it will either happen or you will realize (with full understanding) that it was not meant to be.  2) Personally, I need to consider more carefully what I chose to “pursue with my whole being” – as I am certain there are more important and beautiful things than cool vehicles and material possessions that merit such pursuit (things like a life of organic farming).  I sold the bus in the summer of 2009 with no regrets and lessons learned.

Other life changing experiences:

  • Watching the movie Mind Walk.
  • Reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.
Entry #9 – 10/10/10